Exchange ruins school and life.

2 months through the semester and I literally can’t handle any of it. There is so many things I used to like that I am realizing I don’t like anymore and so many things I wish I could do/ had done differently in my life.

For starters I wish I wasn’t in London…

I know I know, only 1 more year to push through,  6 months until graduation. But seriously Ontario is so boring. London is so boring. Between school and downtown there is nothing else to do here. Which means when I am not studying or being bored I am out drinking, which I am also realizing I am completely over!

Adjusting back to normal life and school is terrible.

What I miss the most:

  • The constant adventure and activity I had while away
  • The friends I made
  • Living in a big city
  • Australia…
  • Even studying in a coffee shop was so much better
  • The ease and laid-back atmosphere, especially when it came to school
  • The coffee
  • Outdoor ed classes (camping) – The ability to talk to and connect with people while not being drunk
  • Being totally independent
  • Doing whatever I want whenever I want
  • Being broke if you can believe it! My disposable (ish) income at the moment is not ok
  • Being foreign
  • Planning the next adventure each and everyday
  • Not knowing what the next day, week and month will bring
  • Having an open calendar
  • The mentality I had with being away
  • Being able to reinvent myself
  • Having no fear or ever running into someone I know at the gym, on the train, in the city etc. and just being able to do me
  • The gym!!

I’m literally so nostalgic right now its not even ok.

I guess it just means I need to plan the next adventure – summer 2014 abroad here I come.