Part time bushwoman

1 more month

Only 1 more month and this incredible journey comes to an end. 

But I really don’t want to think of it as an end. It’s like that quote “When one door closes another one opens” or something like that. Yes at the end of this month I head back to Canada but all that means is that is time to start planning the next adventure (and saving money). While living in Australia and doing as much travelling as I can I have come to the great realization that you can’t do everything. It is really easy to sit here and focus on all the things I have not done, and to dwell on everything other people are doing that I am not. But when I really take the time to think or to go through pictures it’s absolutely crazy to look at everything I have done in the past 5 months. It really feels like the past months have been an absolute blur. They have flown by and I have done more and seen more than I ever would have planned before coming here. 

Outdoor Ed

Last week I went on my last outdoor ed trip. Again, I was dreading this trip like all the others but it was probably the best trip of the lot. This trip was a 5 day bushwalk through the Black Ranges (basically the Grampians). Me and Dayna ended up in an awesome group which makes all the difference. Coxie was our leader and it was awesome to get to talk with him and learn from him as he is so knowledgeable on the outdoors. This week was spent bushwalking and thats basically it! It was awesome because there was no se route or destinations we had to get to so we could make it up as we went! Day 1 was spent getting everything sorted and hiking for a few hours till we found a good place to set up camp. Day 2 we woke up and started hiking at 9am. We hiked all the way up to the ridgeline in the Black Ranges and hiked all the way along until 9:30pm. It was awesome! The hike itself wasn’t exactly very lon but it was really challenging walking. We were pretty much on the side of a cliff the entire time and were having to climb up and down big rocks etc. We stopped for dinner at the top and enjoyed a beautiful view before setting off to finish the last of the hike in the dark. This made the challenging hike even more challenging and we were all so absolutely tired by the end of it. Accomplishing something like that though makes you feel so good about yourself and what you have done. I absolutely loved every second of it, even when it was raining for a little bit! The views were also spectacular and thankfully I actually had a camera on me this trip! Day 3 we took more of a chill day and we hiked up a mountain and to a cave. We got to have lunch with another spectacular view and a little bit of solo time for some solid reflection aka napping. The weather this week was also fantastic. I was able to wear shorts everyday and got a little bit of sun! It was a little rainy at times but it came and passed quickly and saved the downpours for during the night. Day 4 we hiked back to base camp and did some navigating on the way. I learned that compasses are location specific! So you cannot buy a compass in Canada and use it in Australia and vice versa. That night we had a big group campfire and each group had to present some sort of creative piece to show their week. We wrote a kick ass poem. Doing this I feel a little bit like I’m 12 again and at summer camp but oh well. Day 5 we packed up, debriefed and headed home! We broke up the driving by stopping for a parma (which we had talked about all week) on the way. A nice well deserved Parma was in order but I was a little disappointed when I spent $21 and got totally gipped on the size of my parma. Overall another awesome week in the Australian bush complete to make a total of 4 trips! So happy I stuck with these classes. 

Big things to come in the next few weeks as I count down the days until I go back home! Just have to write one exam on Tuesday then school is complete! Renting a car and driving down the Great Ocean Road for 2 days this week, Lorne weekend with some crazy people this coming weekend, Thailand on monday for 2 weeks – yes I have decided to go ahead and continue with my travel plans despite the Martial Law that is currently in effect. Just might cut Bangkok out of the itinerary and hopefully the curfew gets fully lifted in the tourist spots. Back to Melbourne for 5 days then homeward bound! So crazy how fast time flies. 

Going home at the end of the month is going to be bitter sweet. To be honest at this point I am getting really excited to get back home, see the family and friends and get my life together. I feel like I have done everything I came here to do and more (except meet my Australian husband but theres still a little time) and I truly feel like I’ve lived up this experience to the max. I think that is a really good feeling to feel at this point. Leaving the life I made for myself in Melbourne is going to be super hard and I know I am going to be extremely sad when I leave but I truly don’t think this will be a goodbye but a see you later as the saying goes. My life in Australia and travelling the world is only just beginning. I can say with 100% confidence that I will be coming back to Australia and will travel the rest of the world all in good time. There is no rush to life and I know myself well enough that if I want to do something bad enough I will make it happen. So time to live up the rest of my time here and get stoked for a pumping summer in Muskoka!



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