Only in Australia

Aussie Slang

I find it hilarious being here and listening to people talk. As is everything in Australia the way they talk is super laid back (as in they literally leave out words and shorten everything). Here are a few slang words and just general language I have noticed

  • Reckon = think e.g. I reckon I’ll go to the beach today
  • How ya goin’ = how are you
  • No drama = no worries/you’re welcome
  • You’re right = in response to sorry
  • Root = sex
  • Keen
  • Arvo = afternoon
  • Cunt is said commonly
  • Pissed or blind = drunk
  • Goon = cheap wine in a box
  • Mate = friend
  • Bogan = hick
  • Chemist = pharmacy
  • Macca’s = McDonalds
  • Ta = Thank you
  • Capsicum = pepper
  • Bloke =  a man
  • Rubbish = garbage
  • Toilet = bathroom/washroom
  • Cheeky pash = make out …. apparently (not sure about this one actually being a thing)

And there is obviously tons more that I can’t think of or I just don’t even notice anymore.


As I’ve been here for a few months now I am realizing that there are crazy differences that I don’t even notice anymore! Here is a list of all the different/weird things I have noticed in Australia

  • Pretty obvious but they drive on the wrong (right) side of the road. Obvious yes but easy? not at all. Crossing the road is literally a mission every time, especially when J walking – I literally look both ways 5 times before I cross because i am now just so confused which way I should be looking
  • They don’t refrigerate their eggs always. Sometimes they’ll be in the fridge in the grocery store, but other times there are in the most random aisles just sitting on the shelf. Also they do not have any white eggs here they are all brown.
  • The mail delivery guy drives a mo-ped to deliver all the mail
  • All the cars are small cars. It is so rare to see a truck, SUV or a van! On the off chance you’ll see these mini trucks that are called ute’s
  • The main thing they sell at footy games and such is meat pies (not your regular pizza and hot dogs) – I have yet to try one, apparently I’m missing out. They also eat these meat pies in their hands and bite it like a burger which I find super weird.
  • Every single outlet has a switch to turn it on and off
  • Most restaurants, coffee shops and clothing stores are privately owned shops! Except for fast food I don’t think I’ve seen any real chain restaurants
  • No orange cheese here!
  • You don’t have to tip! And tax is already included in every price so the price you see is the price you pay!
  • Granola bars are called muesli bars
  • No crystaled or frozen juice
  • The garbage truck has a giant arm that comes out the side that bigs up your bin and flips the garbage into the back. Also did I mention garbage is rubbish here so sorry its the rubbish truck
  • Styles are definitely different. It seems to generally be fancier when out at bars, and a lot of places have strict dress codes. Apparently fuzzy sweaters are in as well as platform shoes
  • Cover at bars/clubs can be ridiculous! $20 to get in and drinks can be minimum like $10
  • It can be really hard for guys to get into bars – they apparently need to usually be wearing a collared shirt and with a lot of girls to get in
  • To get Starbucks wifi you need to buy a drink then get a code that only lasts 30min
  • You can’t just get coffee – its either cappuccino, latte, flat white, or long black (americano). Also chai lattes here are not nearly as good. And coffee is pretty expensive – I think the cheapest I’ve gotten is $3.50 although 7/11 sells it out of an automated machine for $1
  • For school, a course here is called a unit and the course is basically the program you are in – e.g. my course would be kinesiology and a unit would be anatomy
  • Profs also all give out their cell phone number and will use facebook and texting as modes of communication
  • Hate to say it but people are generally more friendly and more willing to go out of their way to help you out
  • Being from Canada people generally think you are American, just a fact you have to live with but obviously you always correct them. I’ve gotten some other weird nationalities though such as Swedish, English, Slovakian etc. Also apparently all of Canada is in Australia at the moment.
  • Fathers day is apparently in September not June!  – Learned this when trying to find a card to mail home but being unable to find anything followed by an awkward conversation with someone working at a store

I’m sure there are many more differences that I am either super used to by now or just can’t remember at the moment. So weird, after being here for 4 months it all feels normal! Definitely going to be weird going back home.


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