A few weeks in

Time flies when down under! Its been a crazy few weeks. Classes started a few weeks ago and they have been interesting to say the least. Week 1 of class was a nightmare and a half. For starters, my first class on Monday was moved to a whole other campus last minute. I had a class get cancelled, got kicked out of one because it was over enrolled, and 2 of them moved to a different campus. After switching 4/5 classes and 3 add/drop forms later I finally had a useable timetable. I can’t really complain too much about my classes now though, except the fact that I have class everyday of the week which is apparently unheard of at VU! I’m taking Social Dimensions of Sport and Exercise, Research Methods, Adapted Coaching, Outdoor Education and Adventure Programming. So yes, my classes are pretty sweet! Thankfully I’m getting research out of the way and will no longer have to do it back at Western. Adapted Coaching is pretty awesome as we get to work at a school for deaf children and teach them tennis. Unfortunately I’m pretty hopeless at Tennis but the girl I am teaching, Chloe, is super sweet and it is proving to be an awesome experience! Outdoor ed is unfortunately on Fridays from 1-5, which is wayyyy too long but it is a pretty awesome class! We get to go on 3 trips throughout the semester. The first is next week and it is a 6 day multi adventure trip to Mt Alexander. We also get to go on a 4 day canoe trip down the Murray River and a 6 day bushwalking trip in the Grampians. This literally gives sports for marks a new definition. Adventure Programming is also really similar! We get one trip with this class which is kind of kept top secret. They are calling it an adventure race and we don’t get to find out what it is all about until we are in the middle of it, kind of nerve racking but should be great!

Overall life isin’t too bad, can’t complain! Went to an international event which was a lot of fun. So weird over here, they provide you with free alcohol at these events. That would never happen at home! Canada House also hosted its first party of the semester to celebrate St Patricks Day the Western way. I’ve also half got a job so time to start planning my Asia trip in June! (hopefully… or New Zealand).




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