Great Ocean Road Orientation Trip

Friday February 21 I left for the VU orientation trip down the great ocean road! We arrived to the campus in Footscray (which is so sketchy) early in the morning and set off. First stop was Bell’s Beach, which is where a lot of major surfing competitions take place. The weather gods were not on our side and it ended up being a super chilly weekend. It was only 11 degrees on Friday morning. We were able to walk around Bells beach for a while which is where a lot of the big surfing competitions take place. We then set off to get to Lorne. We began driving down the Great Ocean Road which words cannot even begin to describe. It’s exactly how it sounds… a road that travels along side the ocean and its great! Probably the most scenic drive I’ve ever been on. We eventually arrived in Lorne and got to our accommodation. We stayed at The Great Ocean Road Cottages and we got the cutest little cottage. It was a cottage for 4 people so ended up being me, Dayna, Carleigh and Haley. We even had our own little kitchen and there was free coffee and tea! After dropping our stuff off we headed down to the beach for a surfing lesson! This is now definitely added to the top of my list of things I need to do. The lesson we got was a little hectic but I was able to stand up! There was literally 55 international students in the water with about 5 instructors so you were pretty much just running into people and being run into. Thank god for wetsuits because the water was nippy but luckily the sun made a special appearance! After surfing, we headed back to the room to get ready for dinner. We had dinner (which was included in the trip) at the Lorne Hotel which wasn’t bad, then we went out that night! Ended up being a pretty funny night.


Bell’s Beach

Surf's up!

Surf’s up!

Day 2 on the trip started off pretty rough. We were supposed to go on an 8 km hike that literally took us 3.5 hours because the tour guide we had talked forever about every little thing. We eventually also all got starving because the breakfast they provided sucked. We were literally ranting the entire hike, which in the end was actually pretty nice through the forest and then ended with some neat ocean views. I was even able to finally see my first kangaroo! Even though it was pretty far in the distance I can finally say I saw one… only took long enough. We finally arrived back in the town with 30min to grab lunch before we met the group (the other groups had 1.5 hours, which just goes to show how much she really was talking). After devouring some aussie burgers, with egg, and bacon on top we went to learn how to play some aussie rules football. This game is actually really neat and extremely vicious and dangerous. The guy who was teaching us had a finger that was fully perpendicular to the rest of the finger at his knuckle, it was crazy! I was able to learn how to kick the footy and how to handball it. I also managed to get 2 balls stuck in a tree, woops. I really am not lying when I say I have no hand eye coordination. Footy ended up being really cool! Definitely going to check out a game or two when the season starts. Went back and had the most amazing nap of my life. Went to dinner, then out for the night!



The 3rd day was spent driving along the great ocean road. We drove about 3 hours then made it to The Twelve Apostles, even though there is actually only 8. It was absolutely beautiful, never in my life have I seen a view like that. We also went to Loche Ard Gorge and the London Bridge before heading back to Melbourne. I definitely want to do another trip down there sometime! Hopefully rent a car or something and drive ourselves (or once I convince my Dad to come and visit…)


12 Apostles

12 Apostles

Loch Ad Gorge

Loche Ard Gorge

Orientation group at London Bridge

Orientation group at London Bridge


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